What makes Guilherme a great professional is the combination of artist and technical skills. He is very creative and his advantage is to have the technical skills to build his ideas in a great way.

Denise Yuki
Project Leader

GuilhermeZühlke O'Connor

Guilherme Zülke O'Connor favorite office

Guilherme Zühlke O'Connor is a passionated Front end Developer and architect located in London, UK

With as much passion for graphic work with colors, typography and layout as he has for coding, science and technology, he has been working on the web since 1997 for small and big projects as a free lance as well as a staff member of respected companies and has taken part on the development of awarded sites and has been awarded for innovation in science and technology for work on the web.

Naturally a generalist, I am a versatile problem solver, result of a lifelong passion for learning and discovery I carry with me a wide range of skills tuned over two decades of professional web and software development and academically by studying Architecture and Computer science.

The core of my experience is on web development —an interest that flourished in the late nineties when, having taken a visual design tangent on my architecture course, I connected to the programming skills I had developed earlier— which eventually led me to work in web giants like Yahoo and exciting and fresh startups like Snupps.

My experience, however, over the course of my career has been as diverse as working with the development of prototype mobile phones for Sony Ericsson in the period of fast change just before the emergence of smartphones, photographing theatre for The Old Vic, Lecturing compiler design on a University or organizing and lecturing courses on a variety of areas of knowledge.

The common ground between all those seemingly unrelated areas is a systematic, down to earth approach to innovation and problem solving, as well as the passion to create beauty on it's different forms, from the graphical appeal of photography to the conceptual beauty of mathematical formulae.

Among my competences you'll find

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Expertise on front end technologies and frameworks
  • SEO, usability, accessibility and responsive design concepts in mind
  • Studies Computer Science and Architecture on two of the most competitive and prestigious Brazilian Universities
  • Post Graduation courses on Algorithms, Compiler Design and Software Engineering (*)
  • Solid experience on web development and strong knowledge of design theory and practice
  • Fluent English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and a good French level
  • Motivated learner
  • Award winning photography skills