What makes Guilherme a great professional is the combination of artist and technical skills. He is very creative and his advantage is to have the technical skills to build his ideas in a great way.

Denise Yuki, Project Leader
(Managed Guilherme at Sony Ericsson)

Guilherme Zühlke O'Connor

Guilherme Zülke O'Connor favorite office

Guilherme Zühlke O'Connor is a passionated Photographer (flickr, facebook), Web Designer and Developer located in London,UK, currently working on a fabulous team at Betfair and as the official photographer of the über cool Old Vic Tunnels.

With as much passion for graphic work with colors, typography and layout as he has for coding, science and technology, he has been working on the web since 1997 for small and big projects as a free lance as well as a staff member of respected companies and has taken part on the development of awarded sites and has been awarded for innovation in science and technology for work on the web.

With a passion to teach as big as his passion to learn, he has also been professor at university courses on computer related disciplines and has created and lectured several courses including Photography and Photoshop. That is also why he blogs about design on the Zo'C blog.